Lucky BNB Miner, the BNB reward pool
that shares the fee with a lucky BNB miner

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Lucky wallet

So, what is a Lucky wallet?

To give you a little but of extra luck, we decided to share our dev fee with a lucky winner. Just because it can.

When the owner triggers the Pick a Lucky Winner button below, some random lucky winner will receive ALL the calculated fees from buys and sells instead of the dev... And that it 5%!!. The dev will no longer recieve any fees in this period! How lucky is this? The owner will set the Lucky Wallet back to the dev when the campaign time is over.

How is the Lucky BNB winner picked?

  1. The contract owner clicks the button below
  2. Our website retrieves the information from the method getLuckyWinners in the contract
  3. Our website generates the amount of tickets your tier will recieve, so for example tier 3 gets 7 tickets
  4. Our website adds your address 7 times to a list if you have tier 3
  5. The list is shuffled with all the addresses inside
  6. Our website picks a random address from the list
  7. Our website sends the request to the contract method setLuckyWallet
  8. The contract owner confirms and pays for the transaction


Those good old questions everybody reads...

Isn't Lucky BNB Miner just an other fork?

Well Lucky BNB Miner is a fork, but the big difference is the Lucky Wallet!! Whoever is the Lucky Winner recieves all the buy and sell fees in a certain period.

How long is the Lucky campaign and period?

This depends on the campaign itself, some campaigns will set a Lucky Wallet for a day, some for an hour, some for maybe a week!

Is there a minimum to participate as a possible lucky winner?

Yes, the minimum amount bought is 0.1 BNB to participate as a possible Lucky Winner. This will bring you in Tier 1. When spending in total 1 BNB, you will end up in Tier 2. If you buy 2.5 BNB, you will end up in Tier 3, and finally you can end up in Tier 4 by spending 10 BNB!

Tier 1 will have 1 lucky ticket
Tier 2 will have 2 lucky tickets
Tier 3 will have 7 lucky tickets
Tier 4 will have 35 lucky tickets

What is the price of my leafs?

Leafs do not have a set price. The higher the total value locked (TVL) the more Leafs per BNB and the lower TVL the less Leafs per BNB.

Up to 8% rewards?

Yes, the amount of rewards depends on the TVL and replant habits. We use the rule, 6 replants, 1 sell. Feel free to decide your own stategy of course.

Can I get my BNB back?

Not directly, but overtime yes. The rewards you sell for replanting and buying leafs eventually will be the same as the amount you have initially sent if you maintain the replanting habits.

Before sending and buying your Lucky BNB Miner, please always do your own research before spending your BNB.

Are there any fees?

Yes, 5% from every buy and sell will go to the Lucky Wallet. Remind yourself that every transaction you make on the BSC network costs gas fees.

Is Lucky BNB Miner a rugpull?

No, the devs and owner cannot retrieve any BNB in the contract because it is locked. Also the contract is immutable. If you have any doubt please check the code on bscscan and ALWAYS do your own research before spending BNB.

Am I too late to invest?

No, the Lucky BNB Minder contract is written to provide a entry for every user. The amount of leafs per BNB changes frequently with TVL fluctuation to provide an even playing field for any new user coming to Lucky BNB Miner.

Where can I find the contract?

The contract and code can be found on The contract address is: 0xeC7B42e47a7F6a6ed2C8647d51eA4B95d3AEd8EC

What are your socials?

We have different social where you can follow us, they are mentioned in the little logo's on the top and bottom of this page. Just a quick recap:


High Risk! Funds that are used to initially hire leafs (including replants) cannot be withdrawn, however your plantations will work and grow leafs for you. Please use the application at your own risk.

Cryptocurrency is a very volatile and high risk asset, please do your own due diligence and research.

We DO NOT guarantee 8% a day only up to 8%. Lucky BNB Miner can be illegal in certain countries, please consider this when investing, ALWAYS do your own research. Lucky BNB Miner, the owner, devs and crew cannot be held accountable for anything said or done on any platform or way. You accept this when interacting with the contract, socials and website. Lucky BNB Miner is not responsible for any financial loss. Lucky BNB Miner will never give you any financial advice, Do Your Own Research and NEVER invest more than you can afford to loose.